Second Hand

Used and refurbished pallets and skids in Auckland, NZ

Get the most out of your dollar and the most out of your pallets and skids! Buy refurbished pallets and skids for less than new ones. Give us your used pallets and skids and save money! Extend the life of your old pallets and skids by having them reconditioned and repaired by the experts at Macpallets Ltd in Auckland, NZ! 

New and used pallets are available at very competitive prices. We cater to all industries in need of pallet packaging. All our quotes include delivery to your door Auckland wide. Before you throw out your old pallets and skids, look again and see a way to reduce costs and increase profits! Call us on 09 299 5500 today!
Plants stored on refurbished pallets in NZ

Used pallets and skids

Don't just throw out your refurbished pallets and skids, recycle them! We will take your used pallets and skids in most conditions, and recycle or recondition them. Just give us a call on 09 299 5500 and we'll send someone around to pick them up for you anywhere in or around Auckland, NZ. You will save money on not having to dispose of them yourself.

We sell used pallets and skids

Sometimes you don't need brand new pallets and skids. If you're watching your bottom line, why not talk to us about reduced cost, refurbished pallets and skids. They are guaranteed to be tough enough to suit your needs. You'll always get quality when you deal with Macpallets Ltd NZ!

Reconditioning and repair

The expert tradesmen at Macpallets Ltd use professional techniques to ensure refurbished pallets and skids are restored to near-new condition. We can even collect your old pallets and skids, repair them, recondition them and return them to you for minimal cost. Many of our clients in Auckland, NZ take advantage of this great service!
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